Ch. Holmrun's Sapphire Marquis
Pebbles came to James and Shirley at a time in their life when the they had a big hole in their heart. She’s doing her best to fill it. Pebbles is wonderfully outgoing and loves kids—actually, she loves everyone. She’s a very happy dog with lots of energy. Favourite hobby: lying on the bed. Last book read: Dog Obedience for Dummies. Favourite food: newest addition to the landscaping. Pet peeve: spray bottle. Goal: teaching Mom to handle her in conformation. Favourite sport: jogging with Dad. She’s pictured here winning Best of Breed and the Puppy Group at 10 months of age.
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Am Ch Darwin's Dance of the Hour
#7 red
Am Ch Maco's Sugar Twin
#7 red
Am Ch Kristea's Sugarlion
#7 red, DP2373_39M
Am Ch Marienburg Sun Hawk CD, #7 red
Am Ch Brown's E-Exacta of Equinox, red
Am Ch Excalibur's Ba Ba Black Sheep, #3/4 black Am Ch Royalmead's Joker's Wild, #1 black
Am Ch Excalibur's Prelude to Fame, red
Am Ch Darwin's Fantasia
Am Ch Platinum's Back in Black UD ROM
#3 black, DP4995E29M
Am Ch Array Point Blank, #1 black
Am Ch Royal Tudor's Wild as the Wind UDTX ROM, #7 red
Am Ch Darwin's First Love Song CD ROM
red, DP3768G30F
Am Ch Erin's Irish Rogue WAC, #3/4 black
Am Ch Desert Aire's Kendra Rose, red
CanAm Ch Holmrun's Burlesque
#3/4 black
ArgAm Ch Nello's Lex Luthor
#1 black
Arg Ch Will Ross Opium, black ArgAm Ch Enola Gay's Dino, #1 black
Arg Ch Will Ross Greta
Nello's Eureka Black, black Arg Ch Vingo Black del Samurai, black
Nello's Bahiana Nova, black
Ch Holmrun's Brooklyn Bridget
Am Ch Julmar's Jeronimo
#3 black, DP4363E44M
Am Ch Cabra's Dark and Debonaire WAC, #1 black
Am Ch Marienburg Comanche Firebird, #7 red
Ch Holmrun T'Vienna, red Am Ch Marienburg's Dark Dakota, #3 black
Ch Holmrun Trixi Goes T'Hollywood, #4 black