Ch Holmrun Trixi Goes T'Hollywood
Holly was an excellent producer. She produced so many champions for us, and is the deciding quality behind most of our current dogs. See a list of her titled puppies. Holly had the most wonderful S-curved neck and great forechest! Generations later we still see many of her great attributes. She was born on the road and loved to travel!
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
CanAm Ch Wrath's Alfa-Romeo
#7 red
Ch Simca's Apple Jack
#3 black
Am Ch Tolivar's Boo Radley Dob Mann, #3 black Am Ch Tolivar's Aristotle of Azteca, #1 black
Von Mac's Omega Tu, #7 red
CanAm Sherlucks Crimson n' Clover, #7 red Am Ch Wessynton's Moloch CD, #3/4 black
Am Ch Moraga Hills Desert Wind, #3 black
Ch Wrath's Irish Cream
#3 black
Ch Karalynn's Black Liberator WAC, #3 black Ch Schauffelein's Outrigger, #7 red
OTCh Karalynn's Black Amanda, black
Ch Wrath's Honour Bound CD, #3 black Ch Wrath's Grand Prix, #3 black
Ch Schauffelein's Vintage Wine
Barchet Aviance CD
#4 black
Am Ch Barchet Fiddler on the Roof
#4 black
Am Ch Barchet Maverick CD, #3/4 black Am Ch Gra-Lemor Demetrius vd Victor, #4 black
Am Ch Holly Woods Ricochet, #8 red
Tigerhole's Song of the Raven Am Ch Tedell Eleventh Hour, #4 black
Am Ch Tigerhole's Rally Raven, black
Encore's Daughter of Darkness
#3/4 black
Am Ch Camireich's Sergeant Pepper, #7 red Am Ch Kay Hill's Takeswon to Nowon, red
Am Ch Study Hall's Smarti of Kay Hill
Am Ch Ericka von Tannenwald CDX, black Am Ch Cassio vom Ahrtal, #3 black
Am Ch Kay Hill's Witch Soubretta, #3/4 black