Ally is our little girl from the big apple! Her mom is Am. Can. Ch. Holmrun's Heliodor Marquis, and she is co-owned by her co-breeder, Carole Ann Havner.
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Am. Ch. Niklby's Tamper Proof Am. Ch. Gemstone's Cold Cash Datelis Ch. Cambria's Cactus Cash Ch. Rahdy's Sail The Seven Sea's
Ch. Cambria's Nocona V. Texas
Gemstone's Ice'n Sleet Am. Can. Ch. Datelis Talk Back Alisaton
Am. Can. Ch. Datelis Hot Proper T' Alisaton
Am. Ch. Niklby's Proof I'm Special Am. Ch. Cha-rish Dusenberg Am. Ch. Char-Rish Irish Mocha Alisaton
Am. Ch. Alisaton's Encounter Cha-Rish CD
Niklby's Majestat She's Royal Am. Can. Ch. Carosel Make My Day
Am. Can. Ch. Niklby's Candle In The Wind
Am. Can. Ch. Holmrun's Heliodor Marquis Ch. Darwin's Dance Of The Hour Ch. Maco's Sugar Twin Ch. Kristea's Sugerlion
Ch. Excalibur's Ba Ba Black Sheep
Ch. Darwin's Fantasia Ch. Platinum's Back In Black
Ch. Darwin's First Love Song
Am. Can. Ch. Holmrun's Burlesque Ch. Nello's Lex Luthor Ch. Will Ross Opium
Nello's Eureka Black
Ch. Holmrun's Brooklyn Bridget Ch. Julmar's Jeronimo
Ch. Holmrun T' Vienna