Holly's titled puppies
Ch Holmrun Trixi Goes T'Hollywood, Holly, was an excellent producer—these are her titled puppies.
by Dexter vom Franckenhorst
Ch Holmrun's Rebound (BD)
Holmrun's Recitation FDCh ADC (BD)
Ch Holmrun's Rediviva (BB)
CanAm Ch Holmrun's Remark (BD)
Ch Holmrun's Renaissance (BB)
Ch Holmrun's Reward Tickermarie (BD)
by Am Ch Marienburg's Dark Dakota
Ch Holmrun Baron T'Kootenay CD ROMC (BD)
Ch Holmrun T'Brooklyn (BB)
CanAm Ch Holmrun T'Geneva (RB)
Ch Holmrun T'Milan of Marienburg (RD)
Ch Holmrun T'Vienna (RB)
by Ch Holmrun's Wm Teller Marienburg
Ch Holmrun Miksas Black Orchid (BB)
Ch Holmrun's Jazzette (BD)
by Dexter vom Franckenhorst
Ch Holmrun Rebellion of Esquire (BD)
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