About us
Garry & Cherie with mugs
I was introduced to the Doberman breed in 1971, when a boyfriend insisted on getting one. She turned out to be more my dog than his! Then I got one of my own from a breeder in Detroit who was looking for a good home for an adult female—Beth Shollenberger gave me Vinrian's Delightful Gambit. From that moment on I could not be without a Doberman!
     I bred Dobermans under the Quasar kennel name until I met and married Garry, at which time we changed our prefix to Holmrun.
     Some of our accomplishments include breeder of the top winning puppy in Canada in 1979 and the 1994 Pedigree Pal award for breeder of the most champions in one year. To date we have bred over 60 champions in 8 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Bermuda, Greece, the Phillipines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.
     Garry and I are semiretired now so we can spend as much time pursuing dog activities as we like. We always try to attend the Canadian and American national specialties and I have also attended shows in Brazil, Belgium, Holland and England.

Cherie & Garry Holmes

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